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So, last year in college was pretty much of a wreck. Despite whatever things I planned on doing, I always used to end up playing snooker or pool with my friends. I even missed many classes of mine, due to my bad habit of sleeping late. At one point of time, I even got worried that they will fail me, based on my attendance rate. Luckily, it didn’t happen, maybe because I passed my subjects easily.

So, as I was finishing my exams, my desire of coming back home and eating the cooking made by my parents (my both parents are pretty good at cooking) kept increasing and at one time, I just couldn’t stop wishing that my departure date came closer. 

And it finally did…

This was two months back. In between, I even took a Eurotrip with my parents and have eaten lots of cuisines. I, of course can’t say that it was to my heart’s content, but then I can never be content with eating food at home. There is no point, where I can say, “It is enough!”, because I love the food that much. 

I did meet few of my friends after coming back, but I have lost contact with most of them. I even got in contact with my ex, but as it was to be, it is just plain trouble. They are “ex” for a reason. 

Moving forward, there is so less time left and I begin to feel sad that I am going back to college next year. But I know, that just in one week or so, that sadness would disappear. Such a hypocrite I am. But, I know the farewell, especially for my mum, it’d be pretty tough. Though, luckily unlike last time, she won’t be living alone. Luckily she got transferred to the same place as Dad’s and he is going to be there.

Well, I would probably post after I start my second year at college. Farewell till then.