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Finally, after many futile attempts, I have started writing my first post. I was supposed to do this, three weeks back, though. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter now.

So, let us start with the introductions — Who am I?

A pretty laid back person, who likes to keep his identity anonymous for no particular reason, since anyone with a sound mind can connect the dots and find me out. But, let’s keep that a challenge till then. šŸ˜‰

So, why starting this blog now?

As it happens, I recently moved down to a new country, in pursuit of higher education. Or university, in simple terms. So, I thought why not record my experiences here and have a nostalgic look over in future.

So, enough about my reasons and character, let us now talk about what is new in my life.

12th September, 2011 :

Around 3 AM, I parted with mum and dad at airport and boarded my plane for a 12 hour long journey.

The plane landed on the destination at 6 PM (but the note to be taken is that the above time is based on my country’s time, which is 4:30 ahead of my current residence’s timings). I had to go through some immigration checks. One of my checked baggage, got delayed. After getting assured by the airport officials that I would be getting it back soon, I went out to the entrance of the airport. There, I met some students, who were supposed to pick me up in the “Meet ‘n Greet” service. We talked for some while and then boarded a bus at 19:15. Since, my country of origin has a hot climate, it was too much of a change for me to come to this cold nation. But the scenery was nice.

At 7:40 PM. I reached my accommodation. After getting all the formalities done, I was shown my room by one of the Residential Assistants. Found my room to be quite comfortable. I went outside my building for a while, but not for long since I didn’t want to get lost. After returning, I met two of my floor-mates. Both French, one guy and one girl. I talked to them awhile, but soon started feeling awkward when they started talking in their native tongue. I bid them night and went inside my room. Nothing could have ruined my night, except for the fact that all my basic food provisions for the week were in the baggage that got delayed. So in the end, I only had some crisps that was given to me in the bus. Went to sleep feeling hungry.

13th September, 2011 – 25th September, 2011 :

Woke up at around 6 AM, the next day. When I checked outside, I saw no one, which made me a little bit uneasy. After two hours of doing nothing, I noticed people coming out of their homes, which made me realize that not everyone wakes up at 6 in the morning. šŸ˜€

Checked a shop near to my hostel and bought some bread to satisfy my hunger.

After that I learnt that they were having supermarket trips. Thinking that I need provisions for eating and other things, I decided to sign up for the trip. After signing up, I just went to the reception to inform them of my delayed baggage and presto! My baggage was there. But this did nullify my reason for going to the supermarket. But I did go there anyway.

After the supermarket, I had an iCafe thing at a church. In the iCafe, they have free dinners and other sorts of things and people get to know each other. I went there and had some fun meeting some other international students and some local people there.

The week went like this. I had made some friends with whom I constantly hanged out with and in process made more friends. We had some boring orientation things in between as well. After the initial culture shock, everything started to sink in, even the terrible weather. I even went to a pub crawl once as well. Stayed there for like 5 hours.

After the first week ended, all the local students started coming in and my god! The place was so full of cars and people, that I instantly began to miss the earlier peace and quiet. But nonetheless, I met all my floor-mates and they turned out to be nice people.

From there on, I met people of my own nationality and we always met to play pool. I was not good at it earlier, but Beginner’s luck or not, I grew better.

26th September, 2011 – Current :

After that, my lectures started. I was pretty happy, since now I could study Computers all day and there will be nothing else which could divide my time for studies. šŸ˜€

I even joined Boxing and Japanese language class. Apart from that, every Friday, I do Salsa and also play squash sometimes.

What can I say?

..Life’s Good.