Home Sweet Home..


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So, last year in college was pretty much of a wreck. Despite whatever things I planned on doing, I always used to end up playing snooker or pool with my friends. I even missed many classes of mine, due to my bad habit of sleeping late. At one point of time, I even got worried that they will fail me, based on my attendance rate. Luckily, it didn’t happen, maybe because I passed my subjects easily.

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Time flies, when you are having fun…


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Finally, after many futile attempts, I have started writing my first post. I was supposed to do this, three weeks back, though. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter now.

So, let us start with the introductions — Who am I?

A pretty laid back person, who likes to keep his identity anonymous for no particular reason, since anyone with a sound mind can connect the dots and find me out. But, let’s keep that a challenge till then. 😉

So, why starting this blog now?

As it happens, I recently moved down to a new country, in pursuit of higher education. Or university, in simple terms. So, I thought why not record my experiences here and have a nostalgic look over in future.

So, enough about my reasons and character, let us now talk about what is new in my life.

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